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When we think of disease today what typically comes to mind is cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Seldom do we think about auto-immune diseases and especially neurological and mental health disorders. This article’s main concern will be on mental health and neurological diseases.



Inflammation and Chronic Disease


Chronic disease afflicts ninety million Americans, accounts for seventy percent of all deaths and seventy five percent of total health care expenditures in this country. One half of our population have one or more chronic health problems. Yet our traditional medical model is strictly built around acute care. Preventative care is all but nonexistent.


Integrative medicine looks for the root cause of symptoms paying special care to chronic problems such stress and diet which usually play a big role in chronic illness.



Reversal of cognitive decline: A novel therapeutic program


Cognitive decline is a major concern of the aging population, and Alzheimer’s disease is the major cause of age-related cognitive decline, with approximately 5.4 million American patients and 30 million affected globally[1]. In the absence of effective prevention and treatment, the prospects for the future are of great concern, with 13 million Americans and 160 million globally projected for 2050, leading to potential bankruptcy of the Medicare system. Unlike several other chronic illnesses, Alzheimer’s disease prevalence is on the rise, which makes the need to develop effective prevention and treatment increasingly pressing.


Recent Study Finds ‘Ultra-Processed Foods’ Are Linked With An Increased Risk of Cancer


Quite a few of the patients who make their way through our doors come with an interest in discovering healthy and nutritious food choices. We base our recommendations on studies and publications done  by dietary researchers, dietitians and scientists. This article is unusual in that it points out what NOT to eat and suggests a cause and effect between these foods and various cancers.