Our bones are made of a supple material that responds to weight bearing pressure.  bioDensity allows you to put the greatest amount of weight bearing pressure on your bones that your body can generate.  The adaptive response in the bones is to get stronger to resist the pressure.  This technology has been proven to, over time, reverse osteoporosis and naturally increase bone density.

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bioDensity™ technology makes it easy for anyone to experience the benefits of a heavy weightlifting workout. By putting the body in the best position to produce the most power, this machine allows the user to exert pressure on their bones and muscles that is otherwise impossible. That pressure causes an adaptive response that results in stronger muscles, bones, and neuromuscular function. From high-performance athletes to compromised, elderly individuals, bioDensity represents an option for everyone to maximize their body strength!

Bio Density Crossroads Healing Arts

A Non-Pharmaceutical Option for Building Bone and Joint Density

Non-Drug Protocol for Building Bone Density Expected

to Steal Spotlight at World Congress on Osteoporosis


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