February 22, 2018

Dr. John Lindsey


Recent Study Finds ‘Ultra-Processed Foods’ Are Linked With An Increased Risk of Cancer


Quite a few of the patients who make their way through our doors come with an interest in discovering healthy and nutritious food choices. We base our recommendations on studies and publications done  by dietary researchers, dietitians and scientists. This article is unusual in that it points out what NOT to eat and suggests a cause and effect between these foods and various cancers.


We’ve put a copy of this article from the British Journal of Medicine which looks at a cause and effect relationship between ultra-processed foods and cancers. These foods are common in the US, Canada and Europe and make up an estimated 25-50% of dietary caloric intake. In essence the foods include flavored chips, packaged pastries, sweet drinks, soups and noodles, chocolate bars and processed meats like chicken nuggets, meatballs, frozen fish products and more.


It comes as no big surprise that theses kinds of foods aren’t healthy but this study takes things a step further and says they may actually cause cancer. It is one thing to feel a little guilty about feeding your kids the occasional fast food which has fillers, artificial chemicals, and preservatives. Certainly this is not included in an ideal diet but it may be more than just unhealthy and could be increasing the risk of cancer which is a whole other level of concern. While you cannot use this one study to say with certainty a link exists between this class of foods and getting cancer it is enough evidence to raise concerns and influence what you may want to  feed your family.