Evado blue light therapy crossroads healing arts


The EVADO™ is a non-invasive low level light therapy treatment center. It uses 3 photo-pulsation level frequencies (proprietary) and optimal light wavelengths known to be biologically effective. The EVADO™ utilizes proprietary bi phase optical lenses to focus and target the light onto the treatment area. The EVADO™ is shown to be effective on:



• Chronic Pain

• Back and Neck Pain

• Promoting the healing of wounds

• General Inflammation and Swelling

• Anti-aging

• Post-Operative Pain

• Melasma

• Arthritis

• Joint Inflammation


• Acne

• Hyper Pigmentation

• Rosacea

• Neuropathy

EVADO™ Effect


A combination of bio-effective pulsation frequencies, increased efficiency in cell energy production, immediate increase in blood flow, and increased fibroblast activity. These factors work on the body on a macroscopic scale by increasing circulation into the treated area but also at the microscopic level by working directly on the cells of your body to treat multiple conditions. The number of varied biological effects is why the EVADO™ will be the most versatile device for your practice as it can be used alone or in conjunction with any modality currently used in your practice or treatment regimen. The EVADO™'s ability to effect both large tissue and cellular components is the EVADO™ Effect.



EVADO™ True Energy Efficiency – focused light converted into cell energy


The Evado™ ™ low level light passes through the skin down into the deep layers underneath the dermis and into the deep muscle tissue. The Red combined with Infrared, and amber wavelengths of light are absorbed by light receptors in the cell. There the energy carried by the light is converted into cellular energy by increasing the efficiency of the process by which a living cell produces energy. Not only is there an increase in the efficiency of cellular energy production but absorption by other light receptors result in increased lifespan for your living cells.




The EVADO™'s 420 nm Blue light treatment is safe and effective. Unlike other blue light treatments the Evado™ uses a wavelength which contains no UV component making it completely safe for use without the risk of burning or exposing a client/patient to harmful UV light. The blue light reacts with coproporphyrin III to release a singlet oxygen which destroys the bacteria that causes acne. The EVADO™ Blue can be combined in a treatment pulsator with the red light to add the EVADO™ Effect to the Blue light treatment.


The doctors at Crossroads Healing Arts will determine the length of treatment required on an individual basis. The pulsator LED light of the Evado™ will be moved over the areas that need to be treated.





The treatment is non-invasive and should be a relaxing and pain-free experience during and after. There are no known side effects.