Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
















We are expanding our treatment protocols to include Heart Rate Variability (HRV). This is a type of biofeedback, somewhat akin to our Neurofeedback (NF) but less complex and often used in conjunction with Neurofeedback therapy. We are pleased to now be able to offer this to our patients here at Crossroads Healing Arts.


The goal of HRV is to achieve and maintain balance within the autonomic nervous system (ANS). A number of studies have shown HRV to be helpful in the treatment of:




            Gastrointestinal Diseases

            Pulmonary Diseases


            Panic disorders


We suggest a brief treatment course of HRV prior to the initiation of Neurofeedback therapy. The concept behind the HRV training is to learn how to readily achieve a relaxed state and to learn how to be able to enter this state before becoming overstressed. The groundwork can usually be done with two twenty minute sessions. Further training sessions may be done as desired.


Day 1 - Diaphragmatic breathing, determination of resonant breath rate, practice maintenance.


Day 2 - Practice resonant rate breathing, maximize HRV



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