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Providing the best in integrative health solutions


Bring your body into a better state of balance with integrative medicine services. We use the power of natural therapeutics to increase your health and wellbeing. Natural therapeutics help to restore health while strengthening you as a whole.


Using tools like homeopathy, nutrition, education and counseling, we specialize in finding the cause not just the effects of a health problem through extensive research and testing.


Crossroads Healing Arts offers a staff of caring physicians and assistants who are dedicated to the health and nutrition of our patients. In addition to preventive care, we offer cutting-edge treatments and what we believe to be the finest quality supplements in the world.


Crossroads Healing Arts is Michiana's premiere center for natural and integrative medicine. Whether you are suffering from fatigue, a chronic state of poor health, experiencing menopause or andropause, or just believe that you could feel better with guidance, or prefer a natural approach to wellness for common ailments, our holistic family medicine clinic is here to help.


From our preventive therapies to our natural supplements, you will feel the difference.




Now offering bioDensity - safely aids in increasing bone density by stimulating the body's natural bone generation process.


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